Our Commitment

Travel undoubtedly leaves a positive imprint on our lives. Our hope is that it also has a positive impact on our environment. When we tread, we do our best to tread lightly.

To continue to enjoy the places we love and share with our guests, we remain committed to responsible travel practices. We do our best to work with ecologically responsible partners, support local tourism providers, conserve resources and support and encourage environmental and social responsibility. We always use local transportation, guides, inns, restaurants and markets to benefit the local economy, and we encourage the vendors we work with to go green. We’ve found that immersing ourselves in each destination’s local history, culture and customs and encouraging our guests to do the same has not only earned the respect and appreciation of locals, but also has enriched our guests’ experiences.

In each destination where we travel, we encourage conservation, including the use of renewable resources in a sustainable manner. We support Leave No Trace practices by staying on trails, keeping a safe distance from wildlife and doing our best to leave the environment in its natural state so that future visitors have the opportunity to share in the same experience.

In our own community, we support environmental initiatives such as local food movements and increasing protected green spaces. We encourage our team to ride to work or take public transportation. We recycle and compost anything that isn’t nailed down and are pushing towards a paper-free workplace. By practicing at home what we promote in the destinations where we travel, we hope to preserve and protect the places we love for others to enjoy now and in the future.

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