Corporate Reward Travel

Few things motivate employees like the prospect of traveling to an amazing destination. Offering a combination of active travel and cultural immersion frosted in luxury, Iconic Adventures’ unique approach takes traditional incentive travel programs to a whole new level. Everything from the accommodations to the activities to the personalized, 24/7 service provided by our expert guides is all geared toward providing you and your team with an exceptional travel experience. It not only will top your guests’ list of amazing trips, but also will allow them to gain a new perspective professionally and personally.

Iconic’s adventures are the perfect alternative to the typical corporate beach or golf resort vacation. Biking through the California wine country, kayaking along coastal Charleston or relaxing on the porch of the Jackson Lake Lodge with spectacular views of the Tetons provide just a few examples of the diverse settings from which to host a corporate meeting, retreat or vacation.

To ensure the effectiveness of your corporate reward travel program, each trip is tailored to your team’s unique needs, as well as your company’s internal goals and business objectives. Every detail is carefully accounted for in our trip-planning process — from finding the right mix of location, activity and content, to the meeting format and length, to the guest policies and rule structure for incentive tours and travel.

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