Charity Fundraisers

There is an undeniable increase in active charity fundraisers. Ranging from marathons to multi-day bicycle tours, there is a multitude of athletic endeavors in which the involved persons train themselves, or with a team, while simultaneously raising funds. 

What Does It Take To Make An Active Fundraiser Happen?

Even more important, we’d argue, is what does it take to make an active fundraiser successful? Do you want to raise several hundred dollars for a local sporting program, or hundreds of thousands for a registered charity? Events can range from small, short and local to lengthy multi day events that attract thousands of people across the country. Take some of the guesswork out of the process and have our team of experts work with you from the initial idea and proposal all the way to the final hour of the event. Together we will celebrate the success of the event and the end!

Inception, Proposal, Assignment

It’s the idea that was born on a staff retreat, or a usual meeting on a Tuesday afternoon. What if we did a three day hike to benefit our company? What if we offered a century bike ride to raise funds for the local chapter of a worthy charity? The idea is born, and now comes the inquiry. How do you get roads closed for a day long event? How do you get food to feed one hundred hungry cyclists? How do you get everyone else in your company to buy in? We step into the project at this time and begin to formulate a plan. Looking at the goals and objectives of your project, your options, opinions and possible sponsors, we help formulate a basic plan. We examine basic costs, timelines, and ideas for your project. We create a proposal for the event, and booster enthusiasm to get the pertinent people on board. Ensuring a successful event requires a full blueprint and this proposal is a valuable resource in idea creation.

Trip Design and Event Planning

An event is born! With the skeleton of the event in place, we move forward with extensive trip design. Taking all the elements and bringing the pieces of the puzzle together, we connect the dots in making the event have arms and legs. One of the most important aspects of the charity ride is the route, and it is chosen carefully. We search for scenic locations and lightly traveled routes, keeping in mind the ability levels of the participants and the safety of all those involved. We seek a variety of routes with varying terrain to accommodate all. If necessary for the ride, we also coordinate hotels, campgrounds, and dining options, equipment rentals and ride support.

Budget, Financial Considerations and Outcomes

How can you afford this, and what could you potentially earn? Drawing on past experiences and references, we bring forward a budget for your event, a guideline for spending. We look at insuring the ride, assisting participants in various fundraising options, and other financial considerations and implications. We provide a probable and realistic financial outcome scenario, and work with you towards achieving your financial goal.

Trip Marketing and Communication

The success of your event depends on the number of participants it can attract. We give you the formula to best attract people to your event, other formulas for marketing and sponsorship, and how best to communicate to volunteers and participants at the events.

Permissions, Portable Potties and Picnics

It’s about knowing the nitty gritty details of a charity ride. How and where do you store and move equipment, how you plan on staffing an event, and where you plan on putting up temporary bathrooms are just a few of the hundreds of event specific details on consider. From rider safety, hydration, shelter, rest stops, check in to permissions for picnic sites, camp outs, to pre and post ride accommodations, our experienced paradigm looks at every detail so nothing will be missed before, during or after an event.

Execution and Wrap up

From the final days before the event, every moment during, all the way to the grand finale, we are with you every step of the way. The end of the event will ensure that we’ve left no trace, tied up every loose end and detail, and deliver a stellar event that will be talked about for years ahead! We finish up with exit interviews, a complete wrap up of the event, measure and celebrate the successes and examine the changes we’d make if we planned similar future events for your organization.

Iconic's charity bike events are a great way to raise funds and increase awareness for causes that are supported by a charitable organization. Events can be small and local, or they can attract tens of thousands of participants from all over the U.S. and abroad. Iconic will manage your event from the initial idea through the ride itself, and we will ensure that the event exceeds your organization's expectations and goals. 

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