Lisa Wilkinson // Event Director 

Steamboat Springs, CO.  
FAVORITE PLACE THAT I HAVE TRAVELED TO:  Morocco - it is an adventure from the moment you touch the ground. But it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

MY COFFEE ORDER:  I am a kid at heart and still order hot chocolate.

MY FIRST EVER JOB: Working at a Chinese restaurant busing tables when I turned 16. I loved when it would get busy and all the chaos that followed.   

WHEN I AM NOT WORKING, I AM: Running, golfing, biking, skiing or taking my dogs on a hike.

AT THE TOP OF MY "TO-GO" LIST RIGHT NOW: Surf camp in Nicaragua.   

THE ONE PIECE OF GEAR THAT I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT: Running shoes. I go through a pair every 2-3 months.   

IF YOU'RE EVER IN MY AREA, MAKE SURE TO CHECK OUT: Mad Creek. It's great for mountain biking, running and hiking.

THE THING THAT MOST EXCITES ME ABOUT MY JOB AT ICONIC: We don't just help design trips, we create experiences. My favorite part of the job is working with client to design the program and watching it go from the early planning stages to the operation of the program.
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