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Joe Solomon

This is what I remember doing as my parents were “dragging” us to Estes Park in Colorado in the 80’s. I wanted to be anywhere but there – surrounded by nothing but this incredible mountain range and more animals that I would ever see in Atlanta. All I was focused on was the go-kart track that I saw on the way to the hotel – it had to be better than a hike up to some waterfall. Don’t even get me started on the drive too – packing up the family car and heading west, stuck in the backseat with my little brother and passing by the degrees of beautiful that this country skillfully hides. It was my version of a teenage purgatory – and the beginning of a lifelong passion for travel.

It is funny when we look back on the things that our parents did for us and how resistant we could be at the time. The torch has now been passed to me as I try and shape my young son’s passion for being outside, and that is one of the reasons why we started Iconic – to show people how your perspective can be changed by experiencing an area under your own power. I sit and watch as my own son wants nothing more to do with Old Faithful but instead wants to jump on the big fake bear in front of the Inn, and it makes me smile.
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