The Iconic 1971 Airstream Mobile Office and Meeting Space

I’ve spent countless hours guiding trips in our national parks, and the one thing that always caught my eye was the silver bullet trailers that I would see dotting the park’s campgrounds. I happened to set up camp next to one a few years back and it’s owner – a British guy who was travelling around the US with his dog and his Ellsworth mountain bike – invite me in to check out his 18’ Bambi. I think I was hooked before I even stepped inside - here was the perfect vessel to explore the world in, complete with bathroom, bed, stove, space for all of my stuff, and it could be parked anywhere. It became an obsession of mine to own one from that moment on, and when we were brainstorming what would become Iconic and what we would mean to the travel industry, I knew that an Airstream had to be a part of our company fabric. Nothing to me was more “iconic” than this trailer, and the 1971 Iconic Airstream mobile office was born.

Our Trailer

I started my search and sat on every Craigslist ad that had the word “air “ in it until we found this beauty in rural Georgia. We got the trailer out to Steamboat and started the transformation into a mobile office – including completely gutting the interior, replacing all of the flooring and electrical work and then slowly building out the interior to work for us. I will never forget the moment when I took out the final piece of the old interior and, looking back on the lawn at all of the scattered parts, wondered what I had gotten myself into! But we started bringing her back to life the next week with custom cabinets, a new table and booths that will serve as our meeting space, a custom desk in the back, refurbished box car flooring for the countertops, a new kegerator and fridge to host small gatherings and sound wired throughout the trailer . I knew that we had created the perfect spot to get work done while on the road or host a group of meeting planners and executives away from their usual surroundings. It’s even become my son’s favorite spot for movie night and a sleepover right in our own driveway!

A Shared Vision

The Airstream as a brand represents everything that Iconic stands for – a company started as one man’s vision, passion and relentless pursuit to change the way we experience the world.

Changing people’s perspectives through travel is what we do here at Iconic, and when stripped down it is a very simple concept. Try something new. Experience something in an entirely new way. Take a half step outside of your comfort zone and see what happens. That is what the Airstream represents to me – an entirely new vantage point on how we explore not only our surroundings, but also how we deal with the people right in front of us. The concept of “teamwork” is a natural part of who we are, and getting people outside and active together just brings it out of us in an organic way.

Getting Some Work Done

While I was directing big charity rides at my previous job, the one thing that I always seemed to need was a place to put all of my stuff and get some actual work done while the event was going in, but never really wanting to leave the event itself. The Airstream solved all of that for us as a place that has Wi-Fi, a quiet place to think and make decisions and the occasional cold beer, and the convenience of being onsite and accessible to everyone around us. It also offers a great space for late-night team meetings and one-on-one client interaction in a private setting. A true mobile office in very mobile places!

A New Place to Meet

Never before has the phrase “No need to come to us, we’ll come to you” taken on such a new meaning. We love to hold our initial client meetings either in the trailer or set up right outside of it. It is a unique way for us to interact with clients, and helps to pull them out of their usual boardrooms and office spaces and puts them into a new and creative environment outdoors. It is also a great way for us to literally “live” at a clients business while we get to know them and their company culture. All of this helps to bring us closer as a company to the people that we work with, and those details will be evident through in every trip that we design for them.

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